Past Client Experiences

What They’re Saying

Deva Neely is the best teacher/performance coach for young people I have ever encountered. She teaches solid technique and empowers young performers to be confident in their choices and absolutely soar on stage. All the students I've cast who have worked with her have been nothing but awesome - prepared, focused, capable and confident. I can't recommend her enough.

Marion Abbott

Deva is easy to talk to and never judges me. I feel comfortable opening up to her and she has helped me work through my trauma and help me build confidence and believe in myself.  She is always so positive and teaches me ways to see the world different so I am more positive too.

Harley Davis

I have seen Deva work through her own trauma and inspire others through her courage and strength to make positive changes in their lives.  Young people respect and admire her and her sparkly personality is infectious. Deva's path has inspired me on my own journey to wellness and she has helped me and supported me throughout my own endeavours to change my life.

Jasmine Murudumbay

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