Anxiety Mastery Camp

Based on the book authored by Keslie Mack and Deva Neely, this unique camp offers children the opportunity to practice mindfulness and gain strategies to cope with anxiety. During the eight weeks, children will learn what exactly anxiety is and how to identify and specifically deal with their own anxiety. They will learn all these important things while spending their time online in a safe and calm space with trained, experienced professionals. By the end of camp, children will know how to self-soothe and handle stress. Additionally, a FREE digital copy of the book used will be included so kids can have access to the methods and strategies they’ve learned across multiple devices long after camp.


Keslie Mack and Deva Neely

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Fridays, 11:00am to 2:00pm (2 twenty minute breaks per session)


8 weeks, July 9th- August 27th



Materials needed:

Device capable of joining Zoom meetings and FREE digital book