And here it begins...

I've never written a blog before and I'm so excited to start. I write a lot in my posts for my business, for magazines and I'm currently knee deep in the 2nd draft of my first book.

Here is what to expect:

* I will always tell you what I truly feel and think.

* I use humour as much as possible.

* Sometimes I surprise myself by what comes out of the tips of my figures almost like I'm channeling a message that is not mine to give - I trust in that and just let it happen.

* I talk about issues that can be uncomfortable, but my point is to always address those topics because it's in our discomfort that we find the things we need to face head on.

We will take this journey together! I promise to give the best of myself. I promise you that I will mess up, it's inevitable. Bit by bit, you will get to know me, my story, what bumps I've encountered on my road to this moment and how I am doing my best to change the world for the better starting with kids.

I was a school teacher for over 15 years and I loved every minute of it. There were many reasons why I left, but part of the problem was the frustration with the system. As more and more kids were getting crammed into classrooms, ridiculous decisions were being made by governments who have no place to decide in how the education systems should run because those decisions makers aren't in the ring fighting the battle on a daily basis. To make those decisions, one has to be in the classroom and see what is happening first hand. We teach with antiquated methods and we force kids to be shoved and squeezed into this cookie cutter mold and it just doesn't work.

So I left. I decided that I could make a bigger impact working with kids outside of the school system. So now, I am a Youth Empowerment Coach teaching youth leadership skills that focus on mindset, mindfulness, goal-setting, mental health awareness and suicide prevention, the latter being my main goal. Suicide rates are rising quickly, almost to epidemic proportions and yet we remain silent and inactive in trying to help stop the rise and educate on how to be proactive and preventative.

Globally, there is a suicide every 40 seconds!!! Let that sink in! In the time it took you to read up to this point, 3 people have died by suicide! That should rattle us to the core.

So my mission with this blog and with everything I do is to help people cope, give resources and options where I can, offer support wherever and whenever I can, especially to those suffering in silence.

This is my mission. This is my passion. I lost my brother to suicide in 2013, so if I can prevent even just one family from experiencing what we have gone through, I will do whatever it takes.

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