I know there are many entrepreneurs who battle anxiety; we’ve chatted or I’ve seen your posts.

Anxiety and mental illness in general is a hard topic to broach. Mostly it's because it makes people feel uncomfortable because there is still a stigma attached to that diagnosis.

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Anxiety is very real and often misunderstood. We are told to relax or that we have nothing to worry about and we are being ridiculous.


Those are the worst things you can tell someone dealing with anxiety especially if that person is a child.


I think everyone should be educated on what anxiety, trauma or any other mental illness is and how to deal with it should it arise in your circles. I assure you that it will and you are fooling yourself if you think it will never happen.


How you handle it when it does occur could mean the difference between saving a life or a life ending. I will not sugar coat it!


Suicide rates are ridiculously high - globally, someone takes their own life every 40 seconds! Let that sink in!


Be part of the SOLUTION and know what you could be dealing with before it's too late. I promise you from experience, you don't ever want to be a survivor of suicide; no ones wants to be part of that club. Some of us now have no choice. RIP Brenton Neely

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