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Three years ago, I left everything I had known for 23 years to embark on a healing journey that so desperately needed to happen if it meant I was to live another year.


So, I left the big city to return to my hometown; the place where I grew up, the small, quaint, beautiful, artsy little village where I had so many fond memories and was truly the last place I remembered being truly happy. I had promised myself to return one day when we moved away when I was 12.


It was the right move. To feel part of a community again was huge. The flashbacks, nostalgia and memories are what has helped saved me.


I had spent all my life being a fanatic about figure skating. As a child growing up in this very small town, I was part of the figure skating team and this arena hold so many wonderful memories.


So....I decided it was time to lace up and get back on the ice!

Was it easy? NO! Did it look the same? EXACTLY THE SAME! Here is what I learned:

💙we can always return to something we love, but we need to remember it may not be the same as we remember it, but that's ok

💙it's good to get out of our comfort zone and be uncomfortable (as I watched the young whipper-snappers skate circles around me

💙you can form friendships at any age; it isn't easy, but it's always worth it

💙falling down is exactly the same whether you're young, or old; it's how we get up that changes (I mean this both literally and figuratively)

🧊 🏊 🏌️‍♂️ 🎿

So get back out on the ice, or in the pool, or on the range, or ski point is that it's ok to go back, but just know who you are now is different than who you were then. Embrace that and you'll be just fine. It's when we expect everything to be the exact same that we get disappointed. We've evolved and grown and changed since then, so to expect to BE the same is putting too much pressure on ourselves. Regardless, there are always new lessons to learn!

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