Everything Changes

I love when nature gives us a little sneak peak that change is happening.


One day there will be little parts of trees changing colour and before you know it, all the trees are a beautiful array of fall colours, the temperature has dropped and summer is just a memory.


Life can be very much like that, but we tend to fight it. Change is hard. We like what is familiar.


What if we try leaning in and embracing the change? Sure it's scary and unfamiliar, but there's lots to learn and that helps us grow.


If nothing else, 2020 has taught us this exact lesson. Some fell hard, panicked and lived in fear. Others went with the flow and saw the silver lining in a very dark cloud.


When you can see the change as a blessing, no matter how hard it is (and it can be REALLY hard because life can suck sometimes), we learn the resilience needed to cope when faced with changes once again.


Lean in. Embrace the suck! Then look for blessings, feel love, and be happy to be alive. Embrace the suck...and then celebrate life with all its bumps, twists and turns!


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