We often feel we need to justify things - our ideas, our choices, how we do something! We look for the approval of our friends and loved ones and even strangers on occasion. People feel they can chime in on decisions you make in your life and although most times this is done with good intention, it's not always helpful. It can cause us to doubt ourselves and our choices.




Our choices don't have to make sense to anyone else but ourselves! People don't have to understand - it's not theirs to carry. It’s not their journey! Now, I'm not saying there is a loop-hole to justify murder or committing crimes. What I am saying is that people are entitled to their opinions, but it should in no way influence us to change our minds about something we have decided to do.

We see this a lot when we hear of someone quitting their job to pursue a new career in something they love. We face judgement from others that we are making a mistake, we are being irresponsible or it's assumed we simply haven't thought it through. Is it said out of envy? Worry or concern? Or is it disapproval? Whatever it may be, we face scorn, judgement and disapproval all the same.


If it makes you happy, then it makes perfect sense! We spend far too much time in our lives trying to appease others. We do what is expected of us rather than what really moves us. We deny our passion for practicality. We follow in the footsteps of our ancestors because that is what is assumed we should do rather than really being honest with ourselves and choosing our own path to forage despite that possibly being the more difficult of choices to make.

I spent years wanting to be a veterinarian. I loved animals and it just made sense especially because both my grandfather and great-grandfather were vets and I wanted so badly to follow in their footsteps. I then came to the realization that math and science were not my strongest subjects and they were integral to a successful career as a vet or at the very least to get my PhD. I very reluctantly conceded that it was not looking like being a vet was in my future.

What I did come to realize though is that it was more of a dream for me because I admired my grandfather so much and wanted to follow in his footsteps. It wasn't really what I was passionate about and honestly, I don't think I would have succeeded simply because I don't deal with blood well and couldn't imagine having to do the horrible parts of being a vet like euthanizing people's pets and seeing the gruesome way some animals are treated.

When I was able to accept that being a vet just simply wasn't in my cards, I started to realize how ridiculous the thought was in the first place. Where had I always excelled? What had always got me excited and wanting to do more? Performing! I loved to sing, play piano, dance and act. Being on stage was where I felt most at home. I discovered my passion when I got out of my own way.


So, what makes you truly happy???

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