If You're Happy and You Know It

What do you see when someone you love cracks a smile? What do you feel when you hear friends and family having a good laugh together?


Smiling, laughing, celebrating makes goodness shine out of our pores. We literally beam - with gratitude, with happiness, with confidence, with boldness, with an infectious joie de vivre!

Sadly, we rarely take the opportunity to bask in the good that's happening all around us and instead we focus on the car in front of us driving too slowly, or what people don't do for us instead of what they do or we focus on the negative rather than trying to see the positive. Even a dark cloud still has a silver lining if we are willing to look for it.

In the moment when something bad happens, we ask the question, "Why me?" when really we should be asking "What am I meant to learn from this experience?" Sometimes we need to take a step back from the reality of the situation and give it some time to settle, but when we make the effort to flip our outlook on it, we can often find the lesson we are meant to learn or the blessing that was bestowed upon us.

We may never know all the reasons things happen to us, but we can usually see why later down the road when we look back on the situation. We realize it was a blessing because it leads us down a different path that turned into something better and in some cases, people have realized it may have even saved their lives.

Sometimes being a few seconds/minutes behind schedule can be the difference between you being in a car crash vs. not being in a car crash. It can seem far-fetched but think back on some times where you ran late, missed the bus, missed an exit, and see if you can find the reasons why it may have happened or the benefits that were later revealed to you.

I had an incident with my dog once and I remember thinking if there had even been a difference of one second, I may not have needed stitches! Yes, you read that correctly. The only time I have ever had stitches was after surgery so the fact that I was well into my 40's before needing them from an accident was kind of mind-blowing!

We were getting ready for bed which is my dog Hugo's favorite time of day! He grabs whatever toy he will bring into the bed and I give him a bully stick which allows me to actually get some reading done. He's a small dog, so he needs a two-step system to jump into bed. So he leaps onto the bench, then onto the bed. As he was jumping towards the bed, I happened to bend over to pick up something from the floor. The velocity of his jump, plus the angle of my face upon impact was such that his extremely hard head whacked me just below my left brow.

I immediately grabbed my face in pain not aware of the blood spurting from my head at that time. It wasn't until it trickled down and dripped onto my pajamas that I recognized the river to be blood. I rushed to check the dog thinking surely it was him and not me, but aside from being a bit stunned, he was fine. I ran to the bathroom mirror to see a gaping hole above my eye and instantly knew a trip to the hospital was in my immediate future.

So, if Hugo had just jumped one second before or after he did, or if I had bent over differently, the scene would have looked much different (and less messy).

My point is, everything happens for a reason. So why don't we make a conscious decision to try and see the positive and be open to the lessons that are meant for us? It won't always make sense, but settle in the notion that it could be happening to prevent you from a worse fate.


Here is my challenge for you...Smile more! Laugh more! Walk around in the world like you have the best-known secret to living a good life...because you do!

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