Mistake, Failure, Try or Not Try

Try! There is no try! There is do and there is do not.


We may do and fail, but it's not failure. It's a stepping stone to success. So we get up, change something and go at it again!


Even when you've fallen down hundreds or thousands of times, I guarantee you are still farther ahead than those who don't even make an attempt to do it at all!


Sometimes those are the people who try to pull you down and tell you you're being ridiculous. Do you listen to them?


I don't! Not anymore! Stop listening to those who want to crap all over your dreams and judge you for your hard work. Unless they are in the trenches with you and doing it too, their opinion is of no value to you!


Go out and get it! Mistakes are inevitable; do it anyway! You'll find your people who will be cheering you on. Rely on them! They are your true peeps!


Who is done trying and will now just DO IT??? πŸ‘‡

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