We all know that success does not come easily! It can feel relentless, tedious, frustrating and sometimes like we are spinning our wheels. There are days we want to give up and throw in the towel. Then out of nowhere and when you least expect it, a little spark happens and you see all your hard work starting to make sense and you begin to reap all the benefits of what you've sown.

The point is we have to keep showing up and just when we think there's nobody watching, we show up again! There is always somebody watching from the sidelines wondering what it is you're up to and whether or not it will be of benefit for them.

So show up everyday with a smile on your face, a spring in your step and remind yourself that you can do hard things. Keep putting in the time and effort and you will eventually receive the rewards. Sometimes those rewards come in unexpected ways and can take us down a road we had never thought to travel. Other times, our path is distinctly marked and we follow the curves, the ups and the downs just as we had imagined them.

What if on the way we focused on inspiring people, getting them to dream and plan, set goals and learn skills to achieve those goals as we continue to trudge on our path? We are in the muck anyway, so roll around like a pig with glee and show people by example and let them experience your joy in following your dreams.

How about with our youth? What if instead of shoving information down a kid's throat and call it education, we light a fire of passion within them that makes them want to seek out answers on their own? Flames of passion have gone out all over the world and we need to start rekindling them and get people living in joy and excitement for the endless possibilities that are out there for us.

Let's find out what sparks our own creativity, passion and drive and get those fires burning so we can help others do the same!

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