What is true Leadership?

Today we look at the world in dismay wondering where true leadership has gone? It has eroded into the fabric our nations on the backs of people in power who have yet to learn what true leadership is.

As humans, we all need to build our emotional resiliency. Life throws us curve balls! We know this; life is hard! So how do we prepare ourselves for upsetting results, tumultuous situations and heartbreak?


Just as this quote says, a true leader will know where to go and what has to be done.


They will also march with you and will lead by example!


A true leader will show us all how and celebrate us when we collectively do our part and are successful in making the world a better place!


Where are our leaders?


Kids are our future leaders...let's teach them these fundamental necessities so that we stand a chance at putting more good out into the world and make incredible changes to living a better life.

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