Theatre Design Camp

Theatre design camp is a unique camp offered this summer that will focus on the behind the scenes artforms that occur in theatre. Kids will learn about and practice three main areas of theatrical design which include costuming, special FX make-up, and set design. The camp will conclude with the children creating their own final design from any of the areas covered and presenting it live on Zoom to family and friends. Experienced instructors in theatrical design will lead kids through all stages of the design process from conception to execution. Throughout the several weeks, children will learn more about these distinctive areas of theatre, work both independently and collaboratively, and have fun with other creative kids. 

*Some mildly graphic and gory content covered in special FX make-up unit. 

Colored Theatre Lights


Maddie Bomhof (coordinator and special FX make-up) and Cameron Spiegel (costuming and set design)


Thursdays, 9:00am to 12:00pm (2 twenty minute breaks per session)


8 weeks, July 8th- August 26th



Materials needed:

Device capable of joining Zoom meetings, materials from special supplies list, and materials from household supplies list

Pre-Made Kits

The pre-made art kit for this camp includes all needed materials listed on the special supplies list. Additionally, some materials supplied are bought from a small business. Pre-made kits are NOT mandatory. If you would like to buy the special supplies listed separately or do not live in Canada and cannot have our kit shipped to you, links or information on where you can buy each item is described below. Supplies, if bought on their own, do not need to be the same brand, as long as they are relatively similar to the supplies provided in the kits.

Pre-made kit cost: $81.35/US (includes shipping and handling fees for Canadians)

Household supplies (not included in any pre-made kit):

  • Cardboard box

  • Scissors

  • Black paint

  • Glue (hot or school)

  • Any other craft accessories like fabric, paper, beads, feathers, etc. that could be used in a miniature set design

  • Foundation and powder that matches child’s skin tone