Visual Art Camp

Visual art camp is a brand new camp offered this year and is made to appeal to kids who want to learn about non-performance or drama related art. All online, this camp will help children make friends and socialize, develop their art and design skills, and offer a whole lot of fun. Multiple forms of visual art will be covered including painting, sketching, sculpting, mixed media, and digital art. New talented instructors have been brought on board to teach and all have diverse and expansive backgrounds in visual art. The design of the camps will include interactive daily activities and projects and encourage kids to think critically about their own and other’s art. A final live virtual art gallery will conclude the camp and allow children's family and friends to see all their art created throughout the eight weeks on display.

Visual Art Camp Pic.png


Maddie Bomhof (coordinator), Hailey Theriault (painting, sculpting, mixed media, and sketching), and Zach Golding (digital art)


Tuesdays, 9:00am to 12:00pm (2 twenty minute breaks per session)


8 weeks, July 6th- August 24th



Materials needed:

Device capable of joining Zoom meetings and downloading the free digital painting software, Krita, materials from special supplies list, and materials from household supplies list.

Pre-Made Kits

The pre-made art kit for this camp includes all needed materials listed on the special supplies list. Additionally, some materials supplied are bought from a local small business. Pre-made art kits are NOT mandatory. If you would like to buy the special supplies listed separately or do not live in Canada and cannot have our kit shipped to you, links or information on where you can buy each item is described below. Supplies, if bought on their own, do not need to be the same brand, as long as they are relatively similar to the supplies provided in the kits.

Pre-made kit cost: $55.62/US (includes shipping and handling fees for Canadians)

Special Supplies list (included in pre-made art kit):

Household Supplies List (not included in pre-made kit):

  • Old magazines

  • Scissors

  • Tape (preferably masking tape)

  • Stick

  • Tinfoil

  • Small and large rocks

  • Sponge

  • Any other random materials that could be used for their texture or colour (ex. plastic wrap, cotton balls, coloured paper)