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Vocal damage is NOT something to fool around with. Whether you are a singer, actor, teacher, sports coach, public speaker, or do anything else that demands strong vocal skills, it is CRITICAL to take care of your voice.

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Programs and Seminars


In this full-day seminar, we explore how the voice works, how to keep it healthy in a job that requires you to speak for a living, and how to be engaging whether in person or on-screen. 


The following is what we will cover in the seminar:

  • The Voice - the instrument: how it works and why it’s important to keep it healthy & in optimal form

  • Breath & Voice - how they work together and why they are important to your career

  • Warm-ups and exercises: getting the voice ready for a day of speaking - a walkthrough of exercises to do daily before teaching or before recording videos for online courses

  • Tips to get online teaching working efficiently for you - keep students engaged, effectively teach lessons for all kinds of learners

  • Teaching while wearing a mask - be heard & understood while still engaging the class and no drain on your voice

  • Diction & delivery (everyone needs a cork...as educators, sacrifices must be made so pop open that bottle of wine)

  • Tricks and techniques to improve speech, clarity, engagement, getting your physicality to help support the voice (for audio and video)

  • Working your audience live or online; how to engage, keep their focus and make learning as effective and streamlined as possible

  • Some 1:1 coaching in front of the group so everyone can learn

  • End of day routines to support your voice

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