Deva has been a voice specialist for over 20 years coaching and teaching in all areas of voice: singers, actors, public speakers, podcasters, and those whose professions require a lot of speaking.  Vocal health always comes first and Deva adamantly teaches the tools and techniques to maintain the instrument for longevity in any profession.  Along with coaching and adjudicating, Deva is an acclaimed singer and actress having performed on stages worldwide, in film and television as well as keynote speaking for various events and functions.  Deva also just launched a podcast (available on all platforms) and YouTube web series called “Raise Your Voice” creating a safe place to candidly discuss mental illness giving trauma survivors a platform to take back their power and to be a voice for those suffering in silence.  

What a voice specialist can do for you!
  • The Voice - the instrument: how it works and why it’s important to keep it healthy & in optimal form

  • Breath & Voice - how they work together and why they are important to your career

  • Warm-ups and exercises: getting the voice ready for a day of speaking 

  • Keeping listeners engaged

  • Speaking while wearing a mask - be heard & understood while still engaging listeners with no drain on your voice

  • Diction & delivery 

  • Tricks and techniques to improve speech, clarity, engagement, getting your physicality to help support the voice (for audio and video)

  • Working your audience live or online; how to engage, keep their focus and get your point across as effective and streamlined as possible

  • End of day routines to support your voice

  • And much more!

1 Hour Voice Specialist Appointment

30 Minute Voice Specialist Appointment